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The distance from Sesfontein to Purros is approximately 110km and can take approximately 3 hours (or longer) and there are no sign boards. We recommend that anyone driving further north of Sesfontein use a 4 wheel drive vehicle and takes a satellite phone, GPS, 2 spare wheels as well as lots of water and snacks along for the journey. We also suggest you call Okahirongo Elephant Lodge from Sesfontein at + 264 65 685018 to confirm that you are about to leave Sesfontein and heading north towards Purros. This gives the Lodge an idea of your estimate time of arrival and should you not arrive by a certain time, they can at least start searching for you.

There is only one road (D3707) from Sesfontein to Purros. As you leave Sesfontein the road is still graded. After a few kilometres it changes direction from a westerly drive to a strong northerly drive. Please remain on the road despite a lot of tracks leaving the road. Here the road also moves through a fairly narrow valley and eventually the graded road transforms into the mere tracks. After the initial approximate 5 kms the road is quite rocky as you drive over rocky hills so please take this stretch slowly. The rest of the drive is easy but at the same time can be extremely sandy in certain areas. The tracks may devide in a river bed but will join again at a later stage. Your average speed should be approximately 40-50km/hour. The drive is also extremely beautiful – scenic with sightings of desert wildlife such as springbok, ostrich and mountain zebra.

As you enter the village of Purros, you will see the Okahirongo Elephant Lodge situated against the mountain directly in front of you but across the dry riverbed. A representative of Okahirongo Elephant Lodge will meet you at the village and escort you to the Lodge. Alternatively, stay on this road but always keep to the left – do not turn off to the right. Continue through the dry river bed to the other side and follow the road to the Okahirongo Elephant Lodge.

Please note:

The area north of Sesfontein especially the dry river beds are wild areas and wild animals roam freely here. Please do not attempt to go up to wild animals – allow them to pass by before continuing with your journey.